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Thanks for visiting my site.  I hope you enjoy the work. Of course, it is available for purchase/shipping.

A shopping cart is forthcoming, but I am beta testing workflows to reduce the chances of mistakes. Sorry for any inconvenience.  I would rather frustrate you with an extra step than piss you off by doing things poorly.

How To Order


Please complete the Contact Us form below with the titles, sizes, and matting that you want.

Please INCLUDE YOUR CELL PHONE NUMBER.  I will call you back to confirm details and get payment information.  This is to ensure your privacy. I’m an analog guy in a digital world.  I am happy to serve. Help me help you. I will not fulfill your order until we have had a short phone conversation!

Image size Matting Price
5×7 (cropped) 8×10, single $35.00
8×12 12×16, single $55.00
12×18 18×24, single $110.00
16×24 24×30, double $245.00
22×32 30×40, doube $345.00

Image size Matting Price
4×20 4×20, single $75.00
6×30 6×30, single $125.00
10×50 17×57, double $350.00

Image size Matting Price
12×18 18×24, double $275.00
16×24 24×32, double $375.00
22×32 30×40, double $550.00
10×50 17×57, double $675.00

Joshua Lee Studio

Studio:    (504) 831-7309
Cellular:  (504) 717-5433